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Heart of Wonderland

Wonderland Revolts!

The Queen of Hearts has gone mad. To simply put it, she has chopped off just one too many heads. As punishment, she has been locked away in the royal asylum and her daughter has been exiled. Now Alice is in charge of Wonderland.

But what if, the Queen wasn't as crazy as everyone thought? What if, she held a deep, dark secret and time was running out? And what if, he exiled Princess was the world's only hope? Would Princess Haven Heart be able to rise to the occasion? Or would she fail and there be no more fairy tales.
Read the first book in this unique fairy tale trilogy!

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Imagine that fairy tales were real and you were a fairy tale prince or princess. By birthright, you were given special gifts that could be used to benefit the Kingdoms but that also meant you were forever bound by rules and obligations. Since the only thing you ever wanted was to be free, you decide to give up your magic and the life you knew.

While living on Earth, you create the most wonderful existence for yourself, where you are the master of your own fate. Then one day out of the blue, news comes that someone had released the Quay again. The question is do you go back to the kingdoms and save the day when it could mean you lose your new found freedom? Would there even be enough time to venture home and defeat the Quay? With a new powerful ally on their side the Quay are stronger than ever before.

Read the second book in the exciting fairy tale trilogy to find out what happens!



Scarlett's Life

The World is coming to an end and Scarlett Black knows it. So what does she decide to do? Leave the planet and take her friends with her. Will Scarlett and her group be able to make it out alive? Or will they be just another casualty in the Quay's destructive path?
Find out what happens to all of our beloved characters in the conclusion to this fairy tale trilogy!
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Scarlett's Life

3 Books in 1!

Heart of Wonderland


Scarlett's Life


The Moon, the Stars, and the Night After

Have you ever fallen in love at the wrong time? And, maybe, if everything was different then it might have worked out. Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Or wish you could change yourself completely just to make the world notice you? And what if—you could get that chance but there was a price to be paid? How much would you be willing to shell out for this chance? And would you use your newfound power for good or evil? And what if—everything you’ve ever known came crashing down on you? What would you do to get your old life back? Would you give up the Moon, the Stars, and your memory of the night before? Or would you simply want to stay magic, forever?



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Amara is a young woman, who lives in a world where women are subservient to men. After enduring years of mistreatment, the only thing she dreamt of was a place where women were the master of their own hearts and minds. Just as Amara was about to give up hope that she was destined for anything better then the life she had, something usual happened; Amara stumbled upon a planet, where women ruled over men.

With newfound power, will Amara take on the role of the Master or having lived as slave, champion for equality for all? Perhaps the answer to what Amara should do, when it comes to the war between the genders, lies in the future. Then again, sometimes the best answers can always be found in the past.




Imaginary Friend

It all started in Ancient Greece, when Pandora opened an irresistible box and let out all the evil into the world. The Gods would have you believe that had the box been open a moment longer, Hope would be lost to all mankind but that in fact isn't the true story. The truth is that Hope did leave the box but instead of the essence disappearing as Zeus had planned, it filled the body of child. As long as Hope remained inside the baby girl, in this and every life after, the human race would be safe from Zeus's wrath. Yet for how many lifetimes could Hope truly be protected? At some point, there will be a God, a creature or maybe even a man that will find a way to possess the power of Hope. Then what? Perhaps it would be better if the child was just imaginary. No one can steal Hope if they can't find it.




Last Eternity

The worlds of Limbo and Earth have lived in relative peace since the events that transpired in the story, Imaginary Friend. Hope is now Queen of Dreamland and considering retirement but she doesn’t want to pass along the crown to her son, Gabriel, as he has a lot of growing up to do. In fact, Gabriel is banished from His kingdom until he finds and marries his intended, but when he arrives on Earth, he realizes he is in no rush to return home.

Then there is quiet and quasi-lonely Earth girl named Allure Law, who is still dealing with tragedy from her past. Allure seeks not only peace, but the passion she once had. Unfortunately, destiny has its own plans for Allure as she gets dragged into the battle against an evil so great that it threatens to destroy the kingdoms in hopes of conquering both Earth and Limbo.



Sinners & Saints: A Patriot's Manifesto

My name is Zoey Major and I live in Fort Star, New Jersey. I am also a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. Seems very cut and dry but I have been hiding something- like really huge. My secret is game changing. I am not like the others... I know, what a surprise twist! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why I am different. If you really want to know, you have to figure it out. Hey, even in these dark times, a girl needs her secrets.


Arcadia: The Wayward Hero

Imagine if a superhero fails to save a city and the villains win. With a city in ruins and no hope in sight, the United States Government has no choice but to surrender to the terrorists. Suddenly, the world becomes a darker, deadlier place for anyone who opposes Lord Boundary and his crew. Arcadia Austin isn’t doing so well under the new regime but she has fared better than most ex-heroes. With the ability to blend in, Arcadia has the rare opportunity to start over, or in her case, drink her life away. However, given the chance to potentially beat the bad guys, will Arcadia choose to stay hidden or don her old superhero uniform?


Nevada Rain

In 2537, a game of Assassination has been issued by the Union government. The Terrorites, a radical organization has accepted to play on the condition that they get to choose the targets. Yes, a lot of people are going to die. But Assassination is the Union’s last shot at winning the war against the Terrorites, who seek to “cleanse” time. The rules of Assassination are simple; the Union will have four months to keep forty notable people from history alive. Those on the “assassination” list are individuals from many walks of life, including Nevada Rain, a famous writer from the twenty-first century. Nevada isn’t really good at following rules but being beloved by the literary community, has gotten her on the infamous death list. If everyone on the list dies, it will only be the beginning of the Terrorites brutal campaign to alter history. This means, the clocks ticking and the Union has no choice but to win. Four months and forty people… four months and forty people, how hard could it be to keep at least one of them alive? Just one…





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