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As an author of several books, one would think Kristina Garlick would have no problem writing a bio about herself but this is not the case. If you ask her why, she will go off a tangent about something completely unrelated. A few things Kristina is willing to disclose: she knows how to make soap (yes, soap) and she is also a proud pet parent. Finally, Kristina can grow a mean zucchini and other veggies as long as that pesky groundhog stays out of her garden. Enough about Kristina as she much rather you check out her books.

You can follow her on Twitter @KristinaGarlick for updates on her books, or you can email Kristina at authorkristinagarlick@yahoo.com for any questions or comments you may have. Kristina is also available for book signings, panels, discussion groups and other special events.



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Nevada Rain:

December 1, 2017