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As an author of over 20 books, one would think Kristina Garlick would have no problem writing a bio about herself. However, Kristina finds it excruciatingly painful to write her own bio. If you ask her why, she will potentially twitch and then go off in a tangent about how she prefers to talk about her books.

A few things Kristina is willing to disclose: she knows how to make soap, yep you read that right. Kristina is also the proud pet parent to an energetic dog and a sassy cat. Finally, Kristina can grow a mean zucchini and other veggies as long as that ever-loving groundhog stays out of her garden. Any way, enough about the author as she much rather you check out her books.

You can follow her on Twitter @KristinaGarlick for updates on her books, or you can email Kristina at authorkristinagarlick@yahoo.com for any questions or comments you may have. Kristina is also available for book signings, panels, discussion groups and other special events.



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